Statement about the Program

As a Huron High School soccer player, you represent yourself, your school, and your community. River Rats are expected to be leaders both on the field as well as off. In order to be successful in this role, the Huron Men’s Soccer program will provide a variety of experiences to encourage the development of favorable habits and attitudes that will prepare you to become respectable young men. River Rats will have opportunities to serve the school, to assist in the development of fellowship and goodwill, to promote self-realization and all-around growth, and to learn the qualities of good citizenship. It is our desire to be known by our quality on the field and off. We will maintain the understanding that with learning comes progress and with adversity comes growth. Together we will recognize the champion in each one of us, realizing that as one we can accomplish the improbable.

Our coaching staff firmly believes that continued success cannot be achieved without discipline and sacrifice and our coaching philosophy reflects that sentiment. Our soccer program is an extension of the classroom and will be used to cultivate moral character alongside athletic competitiveness.

Student-athletes and coaches will strive for daily excellence in training, competition, in the classroom and within the community. It is imperative for coaches, student-athletes and parents to understand this mission statement as it will be the standard by which we are measured!

“Championships are not won today, but by what we have done yesterday in preparation for tomorrow.”